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Bristol 08/21/14

how have i been? fucking shit. i lost two phones in two days. one of which was my unlocked phone in a case with my license, bank card, public transport card, student ID, and staff discount card. the other was my boyfriend’s old phone, which he was not happy about. i can’t help but consider the possibility that i’m losing my mind, considering i have very little memory of what i was doing with either phone in the seconds before i lost them. dude.

my moods have been erratic and irrational. which makes dealing with everyday tasks so much more fun than if i were able to regulate my emotions like a normal person

for me, this is what makes depression so isolating. i find a lot of people can’t empathize with how overemotional i get about things. because i’m hypersensitive. i cried in the optus store today. that says enough, doesn’t it?

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whenever im trying to do anything


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